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Dentures Rebase, Relines and Repairs Explained

Proper denture care is essential to both maintain your new dentures and also your overall oral health. To prevent tartar and plaque build-up, you must clean your dentures every day, just like you do on your natural teeth. Additionally, it is recommended to soak the dentures every night in a special cleanser. Find out other essential denture care tips here below.

Denture Care Essentials

Besides regularly cleaning your dentures and scheduling regular visits to your dentist, it is also important to perform the following denture care essentials when necessary:

  • Rebase
  • Relines
  • Repairs

These essential services are recommended in situations where patients have broken or loose dentures. It is important to realise that denture care is not just about replacing the dentures. With effective denture repairs, you can easily use your dentures for many years without any issues. Here is a brief description of the essential denture services mentioned above.

Denture Care – Rebase

The dental rebase is a denture maintenance service where all the acrylic in the dentures are replaced, leaving the teeth in place. Simply put, it is the pink-acrylic base material that is replaced without interfering with the teeth. It helps to create a more stable denture without the needed for replacing denture teeth.

Reasons For Getting A Rebase

  • The denture base material has significantly worn out as compared to the teeth, thus creating an old or weakened base.
  • Broken denture

Denture Care – Relines

Over time, the tissues and bone structures in the mouth changes. Other reasons for these changes include weight loss, tooth loss, disease, general aging and other factors that cause the denture to become loose. This denture care procedure basically involves adding a new acrylic base material to the denture to create the right fit. Note that a reline is only meant to optimise your denture fit and does not have any effect on your teeth or the appearance of the dentures.

Denture Care – Repairs

Denture repairs are an important alternative to doing a complete denture replacement. Repairs are necessary when chipping or breakage occurs over time. This service helps to restore the damaged denture back to its optimal condition. You will also be advised on how to maintain your denture to avoid further breakage.

The other situation where denture repairs are essential is when you need to add teeth to your existing denture. In many cases, this service can be easily completed on the same day.

The Beacon Dental Clinic can provide personalised care for your new dentures. These are some of the essential denture repairs that you can do when a complete denture replacement is not necessary. Nevertheless, proper maintenance practices of your dentures are essential to keep them in top shape for a long time.

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