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Professional Dental Cleaning from the Beacon Dental Clinic

Dental teeth cleanings involve removing plaque (a soft, sticky layer of bacteria, food & saliva) and hard tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time. Your teeth are continually bathed in saliva which contains calcium and other substances which help strengthen and protect your teeth. While this is definitely beneficial, it unfortunately means that we tend to get a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. This chalky substance will build up over time, almost like the lime scale deposits at the base of your kettle. Usually it is tooth coloured and can easily be mistaken as part of the teeth, but it can also vary from brown to black in colour.

If this tartar is allowed to build up on the teeth, it will unfortunately provide the right conditions for bacteria to thrive beside the gums. The purpose of cleaning and polishing teeth is basically to leave the surfaces of the teeth beautifully clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them and so provide you a better chance of keeping the teeth clean during your regular daily hygiene regime.

1. How are teeth cleaned?

At the Beacon Dental Clinic, we use special instruments to gently remove these deposits without harming your teeth or gums.

2. Does it hurt to have your teeth cleaned?

Most people find that the dental cleaning process is  painless, and find the sensations experienced do not cause discomfort. Many of our patients tell us they actually enjoy getting their teeth cleaned and love the beautifully smooth feel of their teeth afterwards! If the experience is less pleasant, this can be due to a variety of factors: exposed dentine or root surface (not dangerous, but can make cleaning a little sensitive), or infected gum tissues.

Having your teeth cleaned professionally is something that is often “required” by your dentist every six months to a year, and for a very good reason. Aside from giving you a better looking smile, having your teeth professionally cleaned makes you less prone to gum disease and also helps prevent halitosis (bad breath). Professional teeth cleaning also helps keep you in good health, since there have been findings that connect dental health with overall health.

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