Smile Bright: How Oral Health Affects Your Well-Being

2023-09-28T14:41:13+00:00September 28th, 2023|Uncategorized|

Your smile is a powerful asset, and it speaks volumes about your overall well-being. At the Beacon Dental Clinic in Sandyford, Co. Dublin, we understand that good oral health is not just about a dazzling smile; it’s a cornerstone of your overall health and well-being. [...]

Obstructive sleep apnoea: a rest robber

2023-09-01T15:19:54+00:00September 1st, 2023|Snoring Treatment Dublin|

Are you dragging yourself around in the daytime? Falling asleep at odd times and feeling foggy brained? Is your partner’s sleep being disrupted by your snoring? If so, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) could be the cause. Margaret Hawkins from the Farmer’s Journal talks to Edel [...]

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