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Tongue problems

What Causes a White Tongue? There are a number of things that can cause a whitish coating on the tongue or also some white spots to develop on the tongue, which includes the following; Leukoplakia This condition causes cells in the mouth to grow excessively. This may...

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Snoring Treatment Dublin

Everyone snores occasionally, while it is believed that  around 1 in 3 people worldwide snore regularly. While snoring can be harmless, it may also be a symptom of Sleep Apnoea, a condition where the sufferer periodically stops breathing during sleep for a few seconds...

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Cosmetic Dentist Dublin

Not everyone is happy with their smile or how their teeth look. This can have a major impact on a person's confidence when it comes to interacting and socialising with others. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the beauty of a smile and covers treatments that enhance,...

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Despite improvements in dental care, many individuals experience tooth loss - mostly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. For many years, the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures. But, today, dental...

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Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups

Having to visit the dentist every six months may not be the appointment that everyone looks forward to, but it is one of the most important ones to keep. If you have found yourself wondering what the point of having regular dental checkups and cleanings really is,...

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Tooth Replacement Options Dublin

If you have missing teeth, you may be thinking about replacing them to improve the way you look. But replacing missing teeth may also let you eat more comfortably, speak more clearly and help to keep your mouth healthy. About replacing missing teeth If you have teeth...

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Understanding Sleep Apnea

Many people treat snoring as a joke or something to feel embarrassed about. But loud snoring—especially when accompanied by daytime fatigue—may be a sign of sleep apnea, a common disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts as you sleep. Sleep apnea can...

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