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Management & Restoration of complex or failing dentitions

Patients with significant restorative problems may require extensive multiphase rehabilitation.

This may include managed phased extraction of teeth, the surgical placement of implants and the fabrication of implant supported crowns bridges or a complete arch prosthesis.

In complex presentations these constructions may need to be fabricated initially on a provisional basis. Subsequent choice of an appropriate final restoration from the design and material selection perspectives can be decided based on the patient’s response to initial treatments and their preferences.

The Prosthodontist can determine the appropriate restoration for your patient to restore both function and appearance from a wide range of design and material options.

Retreatment Crowns - before

Retreatment Crowns – before

Retreatment Crowns - after

Retreatment Crowns – after

Wear - Establishing of OV dimensions

Wear – Establishing of OV dimensions

Wear - Final bite registrations

Wear – Final bite registrations

Wear - Finals

Wear – Finals

Wear - Initial

Wear – Initial

Wear - Provisionals

Wear – Provisionals


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