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Certification & Training for Implants

All the clinicians providing care for our patients at the Beacon Dental Clinic have received university based certification in the area of Implant Dentistry as an integral part of their three year overall specialist postgraduate training programs in Periodontology, Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics. All have extensive experience in either the surgical placement or fabrication of implant supported restorations. Their skill sets are regularly updated through membership and attendance and continuing education programs provided by their specialty organisations.

Our surgically trained clinicians in Periodontology and Oral Surgery have received training in all aspects of the surgical management for dental implant treatments. These skills include planning, prescription and reading of dental radiographs and advanced CT imaging and sequencing tooth removal or implant site preparation with grafting technology and the surgical placement of dental implants. Our surgeons have extensive experience in the use of all major commercially available implant systems.

Prosthodontic restorative training in the area of implant dentistry includes the prescription reading of dental radiographs and advanced CT imaging and planning, diagnostics with laboratory work up using laboratory planning and wax-ups of dental models. Other essential skills include design of surgical guides prior to surgery to ensure optimal placement of implants at surgery and selection of suitable abutments and superstructure designs for restoration of implants following completion of surgical placement and healing.

Most dental implants are manufactured from titanium, which is both biocompatible ( suitable to bond with human tissue) and strong.

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