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Problems Treated

At the Beacon Dental Clinic our team provides implant supported restorations to address a number of problems which patients present with. These problems can range from the need to replace a single missing tooth to the replacement of all teeth with implant supported bridgework for someone who has lost or is about to lose all their teeth, due to advanced dental disease processes or other medical reasons.

Stabilising loose uncomfortable dentures can and even providing alternatives to removable dentures entirely, can significantly improve a person’s quality of life and their confidence in the enjoyment of day-to-day activities.

All the various applications of dental implant technology to cases we deal with require expertise and experience in diagnostics and planning phases and in the delivery of a predicatable surgical, prosthodontic and restorative outcome.

While the complexity of each individual problem may vary the same principles apply to each case we treat. Our treatment recommendations are based on providing feasible options for patients based on their individual requirements and preferences. It is important to match each person’s expectations to what is feasible but our goal is always too provide the most appropriate option to deal with individual requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner following established accepted standards of care in the delivery of these specialist services.

Below are some typical examples of the problems we treat:

Replacement of missing single teeth: View case study

Replacement of missing groups of teeth with implant supported bridges: View case study

Replacement of all teeth with implant supported bridges: View case study

Implants used to retain loose dentures: View case study

General case studies in implant dentistry: View case studies

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