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Caring for your Dentures

Do not clean your dentures while they are in your mouth. Commercial denture cleansers with a specially designed brush should be used outside of your mouth.
Do not soak your dentures in bleach. The harsh chemicals can damage your dentures.
Do not place your dentures in boiling or extremely hot water. The heat may deform the plastic.

Denture Adhesives

Proper use of denture adhesives may improve the stability of your dentures and minimise the possibility of food packing underneath the dentures. Denture adhesives should not be used with old, ill-fitting dentures to make them “fit better.”

How to properly apply denture adhesive properly:
Dab three or four pea-sized dots on each denture.
Remove daily any denture adhesive used on the dentures or left in the mouth.

Using adhesive may make your well-fitting dentures feel tighter and more stable allowing you to feel more confident. However, denture adhesives will not improve your ability to chew food.

The effects of using denture adhesive for longer than six months on the gums and the mouth are not known. If you are increasing the amount of denture adhesive to achieve the same level of comfort or for extended periods, have your dentures and gums checked by a Prosthodontist.

If you have any questions or concerns about using denture adhesive, ask your Prosthodontist.

Daily Care of Your Dentures

Food particles, debris and plaque must be removed from your dentures each day. Careful daily cleaning also prevents gum irritation and decreases bad breath. Remove your dentures to allow your gums to rest each day.

Rinse your dentures with lukewarm water.
Brush your dentures with non-abrasive denture cleanser, as recommended by your Prosthodontist.
Soak your dentures in water or a commercial cleansing solution overnight. When not in your mouth, dentures must be stored in moisture. Once dentures dry out, they may warp and not fit your mouth.
Rinse your dentures thoroughly before putting them into your mouth.

(Source ACP Denture Review)

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