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Denture Stabilisation

Where dentures are troublesome and less than satisfactory this may indicate that the denture needs to be relined or remade due to changes that have occurred in the mouth over time. In many cases patients use a denture adhesive to retain their denture in place when they begin to become less comfortable.

The denture wearing experience can however transformed in many cases by utilising more advanced technology consisting of dental implants, special crowns or root attachments to help stabilise such troublesome dentures.

Bars supported by dental implants to stabilize upper and lower dentures

Close up of upper and lower dentures securely in place over the implant bars

Immediate Denture(s) > The Transition Denture : You are never without Teeth!

If your remaining natural teeth are to be lost the transition to a denture is accomplished using what is called an Immediate Denture. This means a denture which has been made in advance to replace the teeth to be lost is fitted on the day these teeth are removed to restore “immediate” appearance and function. This means you will not be without teeth during the transition phase. Over time as the mouth heals this denture will need to be relined or replaced. Such a service can be provided for complete or partial denture situations.

Denture Solutions: Where we can help.

With specialised training and experience in the prescription and delivery of the full range of complete, immediate and partial denture services our Prosthodontists can provide you with an enhanced denture experience.

Effectively replacing missing teeth

Helping you chew foods more effectively

Comfortable with minimal sore spots

Maintain mouth health of the gums and palate

Look natural and in keeping with your smile and facial appearance and face height.

We can manage the transition from your current dental or denture situation to a new arrangement providing you with a range of options appropriate to address your needs and preferences in one convenient location.

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