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Digital Dentistry FAQ’s

What is Digital Dentistry in Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the use of new technologies to capture diagnostic information and working impressions of jaw and tooth shapes. These technologies also allow for planning, designing and recording dental implant treatments. They can also map denture foundations and transport these as digital files to virtual CAD/ CAM digital manufacturing platforms. This allows for increased accuracy and precision in manufacturing processes. Significant benefits can result for the application of these technologies in terms of treatment outcomes for our patients.

Because digital files are reproducible and can be manipulated in many different ways this significantly increases the amount of information available to diagnose plan and execute many dental treatment procedures. This digitsation of patient information transforms the manufacturing of dental devices like crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures and other devices in prosthodontics cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

What’s new in and around the dental chair?

Digital x-rays with reduced radiation doses capture information instantaneously and allow for clearer images and enhanced visualisation and diagnosis.

Optical scanners replace the need for moulding mouth impressions by creating digital impressions for many dental procedures. This provides an immediate digital image representation of your teeth mouth and jaw positions. Images can be evaluated for trueness and precision and completeness and modified if necessary in a real-time manner. This digital information is then virtually transported to various manufacturing capabilities. Dental restorations like inlays and crowns can be designed charside to be manufactured almost instantaneously.

What is CAD CAM in dentistry?

Computer Aided Design CAD and Computer Aided Manufacture CAM provide exciting precise new technologies for the production of dental restorations like crowns, bridges dental implants, dentures and other dental devices.
Increased machining precision and the higher strength materials used in these manufacturing processes can enhance speed of production, quality and durability of dental treatments.

Does "Digital" mean better Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry Treatments?

Yes, once the the fundamental principles of high quality dentistry remain the same it does. These principles are understanding, recognising and diagnosing complexity in diverse patient presentations. Having the appropriate training in the associated treatment skills to provide predictable treatment outcomes is essential when engaging with complex extensive dental treatments.

These are accreditated professional qualifications providing the necessary diagnostic skills and proven competencies in the generation high quality dental work. Skills like tooth preparations for crown and bridgework , implant locations and designs and creating accurate denture impressions.

This knowledge, experience and attention to detail at all stages of clinical prosthodontic and restorative dentistry procedures are essential to the successful application of digital dentistry technologies.

What are Digital Dentures?

This modern denture option creates a much better fit, increased comfort, and a more sophisticated style than dentures that were traditionally created – and all in a much faster timeframe
It also provides more security to patients in the form of a permanent digital record of their dentures. If the denture is damaged or lost, a replacement is just a phone call away

With the help of AvaDent , Beacon Dental can now offer beautifully customized, computer-fabricated dentures in just two to three appointments for most cases.

What are Immediate Digital Dentures?

Immediate Digital Dentures are a treatment option for patients who are about to lose all their teeth. Using this method, a denture is created in advance and it can be positioned within your mouth as soon as your remaining teeth are removed.

With the help of AvaDent , our office can now offer beautifully customized, computer-fabricated dentures in just two to three appointments for most cases.

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