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Your well-being & comfort are at the core of everything we do

The Beacon Dental Clinic was opened in 2003 by Dr. Edward Owens in the Beacon Consultants Clinic, Sandyford. Dr. Owens relocated from Dublin 6 at that time, to The Beacon Consultants Clinic in order to offer a growing range of Dental Services.

Dr. Owens is a highly respected and experienced Prosthodontist (a restorative dentist) and he has gathered a team of both Specialist and General Dental Surgeons, experienced Dental Hygienists, and Clinical and Administrative staff, to meet the needs of all our patients.

Beacon Dental Clinic has a strong reputation for placing the Patient at the Centre of our Dental Care, from the first phone call or email to Dental treatment completion. Our technology is focused on seamless dental care delivery, with the varying growth of dental treatment requirements. We are easily accessible in a modern building with lift access. Our location within close proximity to The Beacon Hospital, to which we have access for a variety of dental procedures, makes Beacon Dental Clinic a premier choice for patients. Our staff are friendly, and welcoming and most importantly, listen and respond to our patients’ needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Beacon Dental Clinic, Sandyford.

Dr Edward Owens

Dental Surgeon B.A. B.Dent Sc. M.S.D. Prosthodontics I.U. FACP

Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics

Dr Silvia Gonzalez

Periodontist B.A. B. Dent Sc.

Dr Andrew Norris

Consultant Oral Surgeon

Dr Brendan O’Connor

Dental Surgeon B.A. B. Dent Sc

Dr Ailbhe McDonald

BA, B.Dent Sc, MSc. FDS RCS, PhD Specialist in Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry Emeritus Professor Prosthodontics UCL

Dr Evelyn Rioja

Dental Nurse B.A. B. Dent Sc

Ms Leire Aldana

Dental Nurse

Ms Giulia Malloci

RHD Dental Hygienist

Ms Ailbhe Brennan

RHD Dental Hygienist

Tonia Lawlor

RDN, Dental Nurse

Ms Vanesa Alvarez

Dental Nurse B.A. Biochemistry

Edel Hurley

RN BNS MMedSc Clinic Manager

Ms Olga Abraham

Clinic Administration B.A. Education

Ms Anna Wojtysiak

Clinic Administration

Advanced Dental Healthcare

If you have concerns regarding the comfort or appearance of your teeth, your gum health or have experienced tooth loss and require secure tooth replacements, The Beacon Dental Clinic can help. At the Beacon Dental Clinic you will find a comprehensive range of treatments that go beyond normal dental care.

Advanced Dental Healthcare is about providing you with both expert advice and a standard of care that delivers the most appropriate treatments for your long-term dental health and general wellbeing.

Our services include Tooth Restoration (Bonding) and Prosthodontics (Crowns, Bridges, Veneers), Dental Implants, Denture Treatments, Dental Implants, Gum Disease and Periodontal Treatments, and Oral Surgery, all provided in one convenient location. In the area of Dental Sleep Medicine / Sleep Apnoea and Snoring treatments, we are a recognised leading center for the provision of these services in Ireland.

Our team of established and experienced clinicians, all of whom are fully trained specialists in their respective fields, are here to listen and address your concerns while working with you to provide a standard of dental healthcare you can trust

Our Facility

We provide comprehensive diagnostic facilities and our location facilitates convenient access to comprehensive services available in the Beacon Hospital.

These include comprehensive radiological facilities and the facility for patient surgical procedures requiring general anaesthetic. Additional resources for the investigation of sleep related problems are available through our facility or in cooperation with other regional sleep medicine facilities.

Our facility is modern and provides all of the required infrastructure to manage complex patient clinical requirements in a timely manner.

Beacon Dental Clinic incorporates all aspects of dental and oral diagnostic procedures in order to provide the most accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

Our service includes specialist clinician led diagnostics with allied dental laboratory services, radiological investigation and more advanced imaging CT or MRI (where indicated) to complete an in depth assessment of patient requirements and options.


american college of prosthodontics
Irish Sleep Society
Dental Sleep Medicine
Irish Dental association

Beacon Dental Clinic, Beacon Consultants Clinic, Dublin, D18 E7P4, Ireland

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