Dental Hygiene / Teeth Cleaning

Dental Hygiene / Teeth Cleaning

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Attending your dental hygiene (teeth cleaning) appointments, at least twice a year is an excellent way to maintain good dental health and prevent dental problems from being ignored or missed. Our dental hygiene (teeth cleaning) service here in the Beacon Dental Clinic is a very important part of the dental services we offer and is also important in maintaining your overall general health along with a high standard of dental health. Dental hygiene (teeth cleaning) makes us feel really good, especially when it is part of our overall health maintenance and has become routine for us to manage and work into our schedule, as an important general and dental health preventive measure.

Dental Hygiene / Teeth Cleaning

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Please get in touch with us on 01 213 5644 or email for further information or to schedule your dental hygiene (teeth cleaning) appointment here in the Beacon Dental Clinic. We offer dental hygiene appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8am. All patient appointments are 45 minutes in duration and cost €90.00 in most cases. Patients who would prefer to have local anesthetic applied prior to their hygiene session may do so and the cost for that dental hygiene treatment is €130.00

The effects of poor oral hygiene range from tooth decay and cavities to gingivitis, bad breath or a bad taste in our mouths, potential periodontitis, and unfortunately in some cases, eventual tooth loss. Fortunately, good oral hygiene, including attendance at dental hygiene at least every six months, and following good individualised instructions in cleaning techniques for our teeth and mouth, regularly prevents most of these problems.

Cleaning your teeth well every day, normally a minimum of twice a day helps avoid the risk of tooth decay. Early signs of tooth decay include pain when we bite and feelings of dental sensitivity to hot or cold and/or pain in our teeth causing us some concern.

When the carbohydrates in food and drinks we consume are not well brushed away from our teeth regularly, they provide a favourable environment for cavity-causing bacteria to grow and cause potential damage to our gums and teeth.

These bacteria can start forming plaque on our teeth within 20 minutes of eating, so if we snack frequently, we may want to clean our teeth more often than twice a day. A high standard of dental hygiene is vital to managing our good dental health, which in turn manages and prevents systemic health problems like gum disease or bacteria growing elsewhere in our bodies. This is especially important in people who have had cardiac problems, or blood disorders or have undergone some more extensive health care procedures in the course of their healthcare interventions, for example, cardiac stent placement and cardiac valve replacement, amongst many other procedures and healthcare treatments.

Bacteria are almost always present in our mouths, and frequent cleaning and making sure we try to limit our intake of food and drinks with sugar may help prevent decay. Cleaning our teeth routinely also helps prevent cavity-causing bacteria from progressing, if we are unfortunate in having gum health issues which we need to manage and control well in order to prevent complications from developing.


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