Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care Dentistry at the Beacon Dental Clinic

Primary dental care refers to the first point of contact for Dental Care. A General Dentist is a Primary Care Dentist. General Dentists are key to good Dental Health and are often in a position to identify dental problems early or as they are emerging. The General Dentist will write a patient Dental Treatment Plan and coordinate comprehensive Dental Care. Within their scope of practice, they plan and manage Dental Care, referring patients who need additional interventions to Dental and Medical Colleagues who can provide specific Dental or Medical treatments, which may be needed. They can also coordinate this Dental Care and proceed to patient Dental Treatment completion, as soon as specific clinical interventions have been completed. Good communication is key to coordinated patient care in the Beacon Dental Clinic.

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Primary Dental Surgeons are often central to a patient’s initial contact with a Dental Practice and here in the Beacon Dental Clinic, we offer Primary Dental Care several times a week, in order to meet the needs of our patients. Our General Dentist will put you at ease, outline your clinical needs, along with diagnosing any other complex dental requirements you may have, and refer you for specific Dental treatment if required.

Our general dentist conducts Patient Annual Dental Health Check-Ups, ensuring there are no pending dental issues. This is very important in supervising and managing your Good Dental Health. General Dentists and Primary Care Dentists also work closely with Dental Hygienists. Dental Hygienists see their patients every four to six months. This promotes and maintains Good Dental Health, avoiding any unidentified dental problem emerging, unnoticed.

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General Dentists at the Beacon Dental Clinic also help guide Good Dental Health routines, by offering comprehensive Dietary Advice on the maintenance of Good Dental Health and along with our Dental Hygienists Team, help in developing Good Dental Health Plans, including the management of interdental treatments and dental flossing techniques. All these Dental Healthcare strategies are instrumental in avoiding the build-up of Dental Plaque, which for some people can be challenging to manage, as it is both unsightly and can often lead to progressively poor dental health, which may include unpleasant tastes and poor breath. All these issues are very manageable with periodic attendance with a Primary Care Dentist at the Beacon Dental Clinic.

Primary Dental Care at the Beacon Dental Clinic for Children

We encourage parents to start early in Dental Health interventions and habits with their children, generally by the age of three, by helping them brush their teeth, a minimum of twice daily, in the morning and at bedtime, with a tiny pea size dot of toothpaste, once their primary teeth start to appear. Good brushing techniques, and encouraging children to enjoy brushing their teeth are often central to Good Dental habits being formed. Some children need more help than others, however with good parental modeling, brushing example, children quickly learn how to use a toothbrush to clean their teeth.

The other key area of early pediatric dental health intervention is limiting the amount of sugar a child eats and drinks. Unfortunately, children are surrounded by a lot of sugared foods and drinks and do not understand that sugared food and drinks can linger on and in the crevices of their teeth, causing tooth decay. There is a lot of information in the Healthcare and Dental clinic setting for parents regarding children’s diets and how to avoid allowing children to retain drinks in their mouths by way of a bottle for comfort, inducing sleep. These habits are difficult to break and avoiding them in the first incidence is enormously helpful in protecting and maintaining children’s dental health.

Early dietary habits are very influential in dental health and being very positive regarding the benefits of Good Dental Health is incredibly helpful in the overall goal of Dental Health Promotion and maintenance. Most children enjoy the mastery of new skills and using a toothbrush, accomplishing these skills is often a huge boost to a child’s confidence and skillset.

Fissure sealants, which are protective resins placed on teeth are a very helpful way of protecting and managing children’s teeth which are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. Some children are genetically predisposed to softer, Dental Enamel. These children need early intervention in Dental Decay prevention. We encourage parents to initiate Good Dental Habits as best they can and we work with parents and children to identify issues before they arise, encourage Good Dental Habits, and maintain Good Dental Health.


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