Tooth Whitening at the Beacon Dental Clinic

Tooth Whitening at the Beacon Dental Clinic

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a dental procedure aimed at lightening tooth shade, complimenting healthy teeth and harmonising your overall dental smile. Teeth can be discoloured for a variety of reasons, including smoking, medication, food and drink colourants, genetics and ageing.

The most common form of Tooth Whitening is clinic-supervised, home whitening systems.

The process begins with a Dental Consultation, which includes a discussion including potential tooth sensitivity, potential allergies and tooth shade records.

A dental hygiene appointment is recommended, prior to starting the process, as this removes any dental calculus present and ensures the tooth surfaces are clean and prepared for the whitening gel, required to whiten teeth.

A set of custom whitening trays will be made in Beacon Dental Clinic by scanning your teeth. When the trays are fitted, with gels and detailed instructions for using the system. There are periodic appointments to check for tooth sensitivity, the change in tooth shade and to record the progress of the whitening treatment.

Whitening Gels are provided for the duration of the whitening process. Patients vary in their response to tooth whitening, some taking a shorter length of time than others, to reach the desired shade change.

Avoiding certain food colourants also helps maintain tooth shade, once reached. Tooth whitening can be well managed at home, with gels available from the dental clinic.

Maintaining good dental health by attending twice-yearly dental hygiene sessions, and good dental flossing and brushing techniques will help maintain good dental health.

Good Dental Health contributes to overall General Health, this is especially important by avoiding dental decay and gum disease.

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