Beacon Dental Clinic Statement

Beacon Dental Clinic is lead and directed by Dr Edward Owens, who has been in continuous clinical practice and professional development in order to offer a very high standard of patient care. We offer a range of patient dental treatments through our individualised patient care approach, utilising the most efficient and modern technology to get to the heart of each patient’s clinical needs.

We provide a high standard of patient care, through our ongoing investment in the best digital technology available and associated laboratory support.

We are fortunate to take care of the needs of many patients, some of whom have been kind enough to commit to reflecting on their dental experience with us, of which we have selected a few testimonials to share.

Beacon Dental Clinic, Beacon Consultants Clinic, Dublin
Dr Ed Owens

Dr Edward Owens

Dental Surgeon B.A. B.Dent Sc.
M.S.D. Prosthodontics I.U. FACP

Beacon Dental Clinic Testimonials

“I recently attended the Beacon Dental Clinic, in the Beacon Consultants Clinic and found the care and attention to detail excellent. Dr. Owens and his dedicated nursing and administrative team were very welcoming and supportive of my appointments and the financial advice I was given. Myself and my family are delighted to have a quiet house at night after having been successfully fitted with a mandibular Advancement Device, to reduce snoring. I would highly recommend this life changing service.”

Mrs Rachel H

“Wow. My dental hygiene appointment was amazing. I have had local anaesthetic for every dental hygiene appointment I have every had up to today. No Local anaesthetic! Really comfortable experience and my teeth feel fantastic. I have a meeting in two hours and feel so incredibly confident. Thank you Beacon Dental Clinic.”

Paula C

“Please thank all the team for me. As always, a very pleasant experience, the best Dental Practice anywhere! Feeling perfect. Delighted to have undergone today’s dental procedure. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon for my next appointment.”

Nicholas M

“I cannot recommend Beacon Dental enough. They literally changed my life. After years of attending a myriad of doctors trying to determine what was causing my symptoms, I finally stumbled across Dr. Edward Owens and the Beacon Dental Clinic and how they work with doctors, in their treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing conditions, through my dentist, during a routine dental check-up.

It never occurred to me that a Dental Clinic could help treat my sleep problem, but I am so glad that I was referred there. As a young guy in my early 20’s on a CPAP machine, being told that I would have to carry around my loud, noisy, heavy and awkward CPAP machine with me, just to sleep well, was so disappointing. I wanted to be free of being tethered to a face mask at night, so I could live my life the way any typical university student would. The custom robust oral device, designed and fitted by Dr Owens, at the Beacon Dental Clinic, gave me that freedom.

The device is discreet, easy to care for, carry around and best of all, works! I now wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, my mood, energy levels and health has improved drastically in the time since I started wearing it. I also have no more reports of loud snoring! Thank you to all the team at Beacon Dental Clinic, they are a shining example of how a clinic ought to be run. It’s also the little thing they do, like always knowing me by name and all the personal touches, which make all the difference.”

Alan M

“Thank you for the dental work you did for me in the Beacon Dental Clinic. It was really great to have the job completed before I went on a holiday, and it made a huge difference.”
Best Regards


“I want to email to thank you all for the fantastic care you have shown my Mum, since we first contacted you, two months ago. You were so understanding and we could see the genuine care you give to all your patients. It is important to acknowledge your kindness and diligence.”

Paula R

“When I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea, I was first given a CPAP machine to treat it. It simply was not a viable solution for me. Besides the unpleasantness of having to be plugged in to such an invasive device, I also found it difficult to transport on overnight business trips. My doctor referred me to Dr Owens, at the Beacon Dental Clinic, to be assessed for a sleep device. I found the device he designed, a mandibular advancement device, instantly worked for me. It is easy to use and transport with me and I can sleep well again. I have not looked back since.”

Mr J Quirke

“I woke up this morning with a beautiful smile. I am delighted. Thank you Dr Owens for all your work.”

Margaret G

“I was referred to Dr Ed Owens in the Beacon Dental Clinic for sleep apnoea by a medical consultant. Dr Owens guided me through the process and I have found him to be courteous and very professional. My wife attended with me and together we were incredibly impressed with the service we received and the specific device he designed works really well for me. I have sleep studies to prove the improvement in my overall health. I feel so much better.”

Rob S

“I have attended the Beacon Dental Clinic for my dental hygiene every six months for many years now and know I am in good hands. I have good teeth, which I am always concerned to keep healthy. By attending dental hygiene, I know any issues will be flagged and managed in advance of them becoming a problem and so I see this as a way to maintain my good dental health and help prevent any problems developing. The Beacon Dental Clinic team are friendly and professional and always go out of their way to help. I have recommended them to a friend who is also very happy with the service she has received.”

Kate G

“I attended the Beacon Dental Clinic recently through a friend’s recommendation. I am so impressed with their approach. They are attentive, professional and listen well, things which are important to me. My husband also scheduled an appointment and experienced the same level of detail and satisfaction, from the first call he made to the clinic. Beacon Dental Clinic offer a very high standard of patient care and professionalism. I can only highly recommend the clinic.”

Helen O’K

“I have been attending Dr Edward Owens for the past six years. I had been told dentures were my only option and a very good friend of mine suggested I have another opinion and to go to see Dr Owens in the Beacon Dental Clinic. I have never looked back since. Dr Owens has managed my teeth so well over the past six years, keeping all of them. I continue to enjoy all the benefits of my teeth, especially eating what I like to eat. He is wonderful. I cannot give him and his staff enough praise. They are utterly professional and caring in every way.”

Claire D

“I have been snoring for many years and finally my wife persuaded me to do something about it. She was tired of interrupted sleep and threatened the spare room! I came into The Beacon Dental Clinic and Dr Ed Owens has sorted me out- No more snoring. We are both delighted with the service and the device which was made for me fits beautifully.  I never go anywhere overnight without it. They are to be highly recommended.”

Mr Thomas K

“I am a particularly nervous dental patient. I reluctantly attended the Beacon Dental Clinic in pain in 2015 and I am so glad I did. Dr Ed Owens and his staff immediately put me at ease and I have never looked back. Going to the dentist was never easy for me but to be honest, I head into the Beacon Dental Clinic without all the fear that kept me away from looking after my dental needs for years. I now have my dental care under control and feel so lucky to have found the Beacon Dental Clinic.”

Brenda McK

“I have been a patient at Beacon Dental Clinic for many years. Dr Owens is a professional and highly skilled dentist who uses the latest technology to achieve excellent results. His good humour and gentle approach have long since eliminated my fear of dental visits! I am delighted with the results thus far. I am very pleased to recommend Dr Owens as I could not be happier with the care and attention I have received.”

Ms Marie E

“I have attended Dr Edward Owens and his team for many years in the Beacon Dental Clinic and have always been very happy with their courteous care and attention. Dr Owens is particularly detailed and highly professional in his approach. I always recommend the Beacon Dental Clinic for excellent dental care.”

Tom K


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Irish Sleep Society
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