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See below for a comprehensive list of the services we provide

Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Wear
Tooth Erosion
Tooth Grinding / Bruxism
Tooth Appearance Problems
Tooth Discolouration
Tooth Shape Problems
Tooth Size Problems
Tooth Spacing
Cosmetic Tooth Problems
Tooth Loss and Replacement
Tooth Decay, Breakdown and Restoration Failure
Tooth Discomfort and Pain
Tooth Trauma
Tooth Fractures
Tooth Looseness / Mobility
Tooth Drifting / Spacing
Tooth Bonding
Filling Replacement with Tooth Coloured Restorations
Amalgam Alloy Metal Replacement
Tooth Whitening
Denture Looseness and Fitting Problems

Denture Fractures
Denture Discolourations
Denture Relines
Denture Appearance Problems
Denture Speech Problems
Denture Discomfort
Partial Denture Looseness and Fitting Problems
Partial Denture Fractures
Partial Denture Relines
Partial Denture Appearance Problems
Partial Denture Loss of Support Teeth
Dental Bridgework Tooth Replacements
Dental Bridgework Fractures
Dental Bridgework Looseness
Dental Bridgework Infections
Dental Bridgework Appearance Problems
Dental Bridgework Bonded
Maryland Bridgework Bonding
Dental Crowns Tooth Reinforcement
Dental Crown Fractures/ Loss
Dental Crown Discolourations
Dental Crown Looseness

Dental Crowns Tooth Reinforcement
Dental Crown Fractures/ Loss
Dental Crown Discolourations
Dental Crown Looseness
Dental Crown Infections
Dental Crown Appearance Problems
Dental Posts Fractures/ Looseness
Veneer Tooth Restoration
Veneer Discolouration
Veneer Fractures
Veneer Loss
Veneer Cosmetic Problems
Veneer Bonding Options
Bite Restoration
Bite Collapse
Face Height Loss
Loss of Lip Support
Bite Discomfort
Bite Force Loss and Chewing Capability
Bite- Loss of Teeth Supporting the Bite
Mouth – Retching /Gagging Reflexes
Sedation Requirements
Nervous Patient Requirements

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Tooth Replacement
Dental Implant Cosmetic Restorations
Dental Implant Dentures Replacement

Dental Implant Looseness
Dental Implant Screw Breakage and Fractures
Dental Implant Appearance Problems

Dental Implant Crown and Bridgework Complications
Dental Implant Surgery Limitations

Gum Disease / Periodontology

Gum Diseases
Periodontal Diseases
Juvenile Periodontitis
Periodontal Abscess
Gum Swelling
Gum Shrinking
Gum Excess / Gummy Smile / Gum Recontouring

Gum Abscess
Gum Ulcers
Gum Redness
Gum Bleeding
Gum Pain or Tenderness
Gum Discolouration
Gum Infection Bad Taste

Gum Recession and Grafting
Gum Defects Dark Spaces
Tooth Spacing
Tooth Looseness / Mobility
Tooth Drifting
Bad Breath Persistent (Halitosis)
Dental Implant Placement
Dental Implant Options

Oral Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Tooth Removal
Tooth Removal Under Sedation
Tooth Removal Under General Anaesthetic

Bone Grafting
Tooth replacement with Dental Implants
Root Removal

Cyst Removal
Mouth – Tongue and Salivary Gland Problems

Dental Hygiene

Gum Health Maintenance
Dental Decay Prevention
Tooth Stain Removal Treatments

Gum Disease Prevention
Dental Implant Maintenance
Dry Mouth Syndromes

Fungal Infections


Dental Sleep Medicine

Referral for Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders**
Dental Appliance Treatment for Snoring**
Dental Appliance Treatment for Sleep Apnoea**

Alternative to CPAP/PAP Therapy**
Tongue Retaining Devices (TRD)**
Dental Appliance Treatment for Sleep Bruxism

Dental Treatments for Gastric Reflux GORD/GERD
** Diagnosis by relevant Sleep/ GIT Physician prior to treatment.

Oro-Facial Pain*

Jaw and Temperomandibular Dysfunction Facial Pain
Jaw Soreness

Jaw Stiffness
Jaw Opening Problems

Jaw and Facial Pain
* Referrals to Oro- Facial Pain Specialist

Medically Compromised Patients

Dental Assessments
Dental Needs Analysis
Scheduling and Facility Selection for Treatments*
* In consultation with Patient’s Physician

We can provide support and help patients manage their dental and oral health issues following:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Transplants
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Disorders Sjogrens Syndrome etc.
  • Behavioural Management Therapy

Medical Devices Section

Metal Ceramic Crowns
All Ceramic Crowns
Acrylic Provisional Crowns
Metal Ceramic Bridges
All Ceramic Bridges
Acrylic Provisional Bridges
Adhesive Bridges
Pinledge Bridges

Dental Implant Crown
Dental Implant Bridges
Provisional dental implant bridges
Telscopic Bridgework
Removable Bridgework
Screw retained bridgework
Precision Attachments
Dentures Partial dentures
Chrome Cobalt Dentures
Acrylic Dentures
Bite Splints Removable
Occlusal Splints
Fixed Splints
Surgical Stents

Sleep apnoea appliances
Oral Appliances
Bruxing Splints

Whitening Trays
Flouride Carrier Trays

Custom Fitted Sensor Technology for Sleep Apnoea Appliances
Tongue Retaining Devices
Digital Dentures (AvaDent)
Digital Bar Retained Over Dentures (Supra-Solutions Snap-on-Bar)


american college of prosthodontics
Irish Sleep Society
Dental Sleep Medicine
Irish Dental association

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