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Costs of Dental Care

Following your consultation, each patient is given a report in writing outlining the costs of the proposed dental treatment.

As costs vary from patient to patient, (depending on presenting oral health, presence and absence of dental disease, immediate and long term symptoms of dental problems and a variety of other factors. These factors may include the need for gum grafting and the stabilization of existing teeth, including proposed materials required to complete each patient treatment.

We do our very best to keep costs at a minimum for each patient. We ask that you understand our outline of costs are an indication of fees, as a guideline. Individual costs will vary depending on the complexity of each clinical presentation and the materials selection, i.e. Gold, Ceramic, Acrylic.

Initial consultation

Patient appointments x 2, including all detail as described above €150 – €220

Restorative Dentistry

Costs commence at €135
Costs vary depending on the scope of treatment and the number of restorations indicated


€80 – €120 per session


Crown (Porcelain fused to gold) €1,100 – €1,350 per unit

Crown (All ceramic) €1,100

Gold Crown €1,100

Costs of Bridgework are charged on a unit basis and vary depending on the patient requirement

Metal Denture

Denture Upper and Lower Metal €1,850 – €2,400 per arch
Costs vary depending on selected finish

Implant Supported Crownwork

Implant Supported Crown (Not including implant) at €1,450-1,850 per unit
Costs vary depending on the metals used

Acrylic Denture

Denture Upper and Lower Acrylic €350 – €1,250 per arch
Costs vary depending on selected finish


Veneers Commence at €800 -1100 (per unit)

All patient treatment costs vary depending on the clinical presentation, the scope of the work required and the materials selected. We Endeavour to keep costs at a minimum and discuss all costs and provide the detail in writing to each patient, prior to the commencement of treatment.



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