We’re all busy people and making that dental hygienist appointment, especially if you’re not having any obvious dental problems can take a while. However, regular visits to the Dental Hygienist (recommended every six months) are a vital part of caring for your oral health and overall general health.

So, here are just some reasons why you should call us on 01 213 5644 or email info@beacondental.ie and make that important self-care Dental Hygienist Appointment.

It’s a check-up for your mouth and Oral Health

Visiting a dental hygienist regularly is an important check-up for your mouth. Dental Hygienists work closely with Dentists and are focused on preventative dental health care. They assess any presenting dental issue and ensure your dental health is managed and maintained. Dental Hygienists are vital Health Care professionals amongst a Dental Team and are qualified to ensure any dental changes can be identified and appropriately managed before the dental issue becomes a problem. Tailoring your home care regime and helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy is central to their service. Finding the right dental hygienist service is important. The dental office should be entirely patient facing and actively engaged with their patients, providing an excellent dental care service in an environment which is open and supportive of each patients’ needs.

Patient trust, Dental Hygienist’s ability to listen to each and every patient and provide appropriate dental advice and care, are all central to the patient care provision in the Beacon Dental Clinic.

Dental hygienists help you to keep your mouth healthy

Gum disease is a common chronic inflammatory disease. Your dental hygienist will   carefully assess your needs, remove deposits of dental calculus which can build up on teeth and instruct on how to prevent future build-up in between dental hygienist appointments. If dental calculus it is not removed on a regular basis, dental plaque hardens into calculus (tartar) which becomes stubborn and may be difficult for regular tooth brushing and/or dental flossing to remove.

The presence of calculus can lead to poor oral hygiene, a bad taste in the mouth and poor breath odours often leading to gum disease and potential tooth loss.

The dental hygienist can discuss your diet, dental hygiene routine and recommend other specific preventive dental health measures to help you maintain your good dental health. A comprehensive dental hygienist session can help you develop and maintain a dental health routine which will slow down tooth decay and gum disease by helping you keep your mouth in a good condition.

Making sure you are cleaning your teeth properly is central to maintaining good Dental Health

Unfortunately, even late into adulthood, many people have never received the right advice on how to clean their teeth and gums properly. For instance, vigorous brushing in a jagged repetitive motions can wear away dental enamel and affect gums to expose the sensitive dentine and hard to reach pockets of plaque build-up can routinely be missed.

Accurate, individually tailored dental cleaning instructions are central to maintaining dental health.

Dental patients of all ages need this important life skill, learning how to clean our teeth accurately. Using an electric toothbrush which doesn’t clean in between the teeth will still be missing approximately 40% of the tooth surface. Oral hygiene should be attended to before any dental treatment as optimal dental hygiene and good oral health are essential foundational steps to undertaking dental treatment and providing for the best possible outcome in treatment planning.

Dental Hygiene Treatment

Some people are concerned as they think a dental hygienist appointment requiring deep cleaning, scaling and polishing will be uncomfortable.

Dental hygiene techniques and the technology now used are very gentle. Dental hygienists are very sensitive of their patients’ needs  and appointments are paced individually. Local anaesthetic may be used, if required.

The Dental Hygiene equipment used by our dental hygienists is comfortable and achieve the removal of dental stains and discolouration from strong food colourants, tea and coffee and thoroughly remove dental plaque.

We use a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles, efficient in the removing the damaging biofilm which develop when dental plaque has been allowed to accumulate.

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene boosts your General Health.

A visit to the hygienist is not just for a dental clean and polish. It is said that the mouth is the  mirror to our body. Oral health say a lot about you and can reveal a lot about your general health too.  Diet, high blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia and oral cancer are amongst the areas associated with oral health issues.

A Dental hygienist session can help manage several potential issues before they become more complex. Good communication between a patient and his or her dental hygienist can help manage and prevent more complex issues developing.

We will always advise you on what we discover and make any appropriate suggestions for a dental visit or to your doctor or indeed a referral to other allied healthcare professionals, if necessary.

Dental hygienists play a key role in the prevention of many allied health complications. Education, by helping you to get the best from your oral care schedule is central to providing and maintaining optimal oral health, supporting your general health and well-being.

Please call us on 01 213 5644 or email info@beacondental.ie and let us help you manage your dental health.