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Your comfort and well-being are at the core of everything we do here at the Beacon Dental Clinic

Our philosophy is one of preventative dentistry for our patients at the Beacon Dental Clinic

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Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic

Dental Sleep Medicine is an area of clinical expertise which focuses on the management of sleep related breathing disorders, including snoring, noisy disturbed sleep, sleep apnoea, CPAP intolerance and sleep bruxism (teeth grinding), with the design and fitting of customised oral / dental appliances.

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Beacon Dental Clinic Testimonials

Please thank all the team for me. As always, a very pleasant experience, the best Dental Practice anywhere! Feeling perfect. Delighted to have undergone today’s dental procedure. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon for my next appointment.

Nicholas M

Wow. My dental hygiene appointment was amazing. I have had local anaesthetic for every dental hygiene appointment I have ever had up until today. No local anaesthetic! Really comfortable experience and my teeth feel fantastic. I have a meeting in two hours and feel so incredibly confident. Thank you Beacon Dental Clinic.

Paula C

I woke up this morning with a beautiful smile. I am delighted. Thank you Dr Owens for all your work.

Margaret G

I have attended Dr Edward Owens and his team for many years in the Beacon Dental Clinic and have always been very happy with their courteous care and attention. Dr Owens is particularly detailed and highly professional in his approach. I always recommend the Beacon Dental Clinic for excellent dental care.

Tom K

You’re in good hands

At the Beacon Dental Clinic we provide comprehensive diagnostic facilities and our location facilitates convenient access to comprehensive services available in the Beacon Hospital.

These include comprehensive radiological facilities and the facility for patient surgical procedures requiring general anaesthetic. Additional resources for the investigation of sleep related problems are available through our facility or in cooperation with other regional sleep medicine facilities.

Our facility is modern and provides all of the required infrastructure to manage complex patient clinical requirements in a timely manner.

Beacon Dental Clinic incorporates all aspects of dental and oral diagnostic procedures in order to provide the most accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

Our service includes specialist clinician led diagnostics with allied dental laboratory services, radiological investigation and more advanced imaging CT or MRI (where indicated) to complete an in depth assessment of patient requirements and options.

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American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Irish Sleep Society
American Collee of Prosthodontists
The American Board of Prosthodontics

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